Meet the Alibi 4-Camera HD Video Security System

This 2.1-megapixel video security system uses hybrid technology – supporting analog, HD-TVI, and IP cameras – for improved performance and dependable video detail.

As an HD analog system, it offers support for up to four separate HD-TVI cameras, with dual mode DVR recording. It will record continuously, at scheduled times, or when the system is activated through motion detection.

This Hybrid+ HD analog system is suitable for a wide range of applications. Crowd monitoring, retail theft reduction, and general office surveillance are all areas in which a high-resolution system like the Alibi four-camera system can provide considerable benefits.

1080p full HD resolution means the system will catch far greater detail than traditional analog CCTV, whether you are viewing live or recorded video. You can even electronically zoom in on areas of interest while viewing your video.

The HD analog system is easy to access via an intuitive web interface or via iOS/Android mobile app. The DVR can instantly replay the previous five minutes of recording, or allow a portion of the viewing area to specified in order to identify when specific events occur (such as a person entering or leaving a room or building).

A built-in real-time notification system monitors events such as motion detection, video tampering or video loss, protecting relevant data and preventing unauthorized usage. When archiving video, it includes smart tagging for easier searches and video locking to prevent accidental destruction of recordings.

Learn more about the Alibi 4-camera HD analog video surveillance system here.