Meet the Alibi 3.0 Megapixel IP Varifocal Bullet Camera

The Alibi 3 MP IP varifocal bullet camera is an advanced video surveillance solution for business owners, retailers, and organizations looking to protect their premises and provide facial recognition capability and license plate identification.

Equipped with a powerful Progressive Scan CMOS imager, the camera combines crystal-clear imaging with flexibility, to provide around-the-clock security in a variety of environments.

High-Definition Images

The Alibi ALI-IPU3030RV IP camera offers enhanced imaging technology for clear surveillance with optimal brightness, enabling you to electronically zoom in on details within live or recorded video. The camera delivers 2048 x 1536px high-definition video and features a varifocal lens for superior focus over long distances.

Designed to adjust to all types of nighttime lighting, the integrated Smart IR array enables the camera to see up to 100 feet in darkness without over-exposing the subject at closer ranges.

Watch the video below to see the resolution of this camera:

View larger video in a pop-up window.

Use It Anywhere

2.8-12 mm varifocal lens on this IP bullet camera provides greater monitoring flexibility in multiple settings. Choose a wide 91° field of view for monitoring large areas, a narrow 23° FoV for keeping watch on distant locations, and anywhere in between. This rugged varifocal camera is easily adjusted to meet changing site requirements.

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Other benefits of this varifocal camera include:

  • Mounting location flexibility. When your mounting location options are limited, the focal length on this camera can be adjusted as needed in order to capture a clear view of the target area.
  • Easier planning. The varifocal camera settings can be fine-tuned on-site to ensure the best picture, unlike fixed lens cameras, which may provide inadequate coverage if site conditions change between planning and installation.
  • Relocation options. A varifocal camera can adapt to changing needs; you can easily adjust field of view settings, re-aim the camera to monitor a different area, or even re-locate the camera to cover a different site.

The camera’s mountable design makes outdoor set up simple for all types of locations, including governmental premises, stores, office buildings, and residential buildings. The camera housing has an IP66 weather rating to maintain function in adverse weather conditions.

Improved Security Options

Alibi IP surveillance cameras come installed with a range of features such as motion detection and privacy zone masking to enhance personal security. This gives more control over what is being recorded and allows the user to conceal doorways, house windows, and other areas intended to be kept private.

The camera system also sends notifications of events via email, FTP and alarm. You can also watch this camera from anywhere via your web browser or the user-friendly Alibi Witness mobile app for iOS and Android.

Shop Alibi IP Cameras

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