Meet the Alibi 4/8/16/32-channel NVRs

The Alibi family of NVRs make it simple and affordable build a surveillance solution that meets the individual needs of your home or business. Thanks to its scalable technology, users can choose a setup ranging from four cameras all the way up to 32 IP cameras that provide high-resolution, megapixel imaging.

Depending on your recording needs, you can add up to 16TB of video storage to a system. These features allow for a scalable, custom solution that grows as your needs change, rather than one that has more channels and cameras than needed.

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Easy-to-Set-Up Cameras

The Alibi NVR’s ease of setup offers an advantage over other surveillance systems. All units come with a pre-installed integrated PoE switch that powers the cameras over an Ethernet cable without having to plug each camera into an additional power source.

An ‘Auto-Connect’ feature allows for quick and easy channel setup by automatically detecting and configuring connected cameras. Unlike some other systems, all channels come fully enabled and do not require additional licensing fees.

The Alibi 3000 Series NVR provides up to eight channels with support for 3.0 MP resolution IP cameras and the ability to store up to 8TB of recorded footage. The Alibi 5000 Series NVR can support up to 32 IP cameras, with up to 5.0 MP resolution. it also offers up to 16TB of video storage.

Flexible Recording Features

All Alibi NVRs provide video outputs that support surveillance footage at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution. Advanced features allow users to choose from several recording modes, including motion detection and scheduled, event, or continuous recordings, along with the option to alert users to problems via alarms or email.

The Alibi 5000 Series NVR lets you perform a smart search for motion in a chosen area, in addition to providing 16 alarm inputs and four alarm outputs. A free iOS/Android app facilitates live viewing and remote recording of footage from the Alibi NVR.

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