5 Proposals Caught on Camera That Will Make You Swoon

Surveillance videos are not just for catching crime. Surprise proposals captured on camera allow people all over the world to share a couple’s special moment. Whether the proposal is elaborate or simply a surprise, video cameras can capture everything from the surroundings to the fiancée-to-be’s shocked reactions.

5. “Lovabull” Proposal

The first video on our list was posted in December 2014 by the Chicago Bulls. It features one of their very own Lovabull cheerleaders and was filmed using cameras inside the basketball arena. The cheerleader, Ariana, was clearly confused when her fellow cheerleaders broke formation mid-routine, and the surprise continued when two mascots emerged from the crowd, one being her boyfriend, Shane.

4. Lip-Syncing Flash Mob

This May 2012 proposal has more than 30 million views on YouTube, and with good reason. It involves couple Isaac and Amy, along with a literal mob of extras dancing to the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. The best part of this proposal video is that, up in the corner, there is a small hidden camera in the SUV’s tailgate that captures Amy’s incredibly sweet reactions throughout the entire song, leading up to Isaac’s proposal.

3. A “Ticket to Marriage”

Unsuspecting fiancée-to-be Sara was pulled over just a few weeks ago in January 2015, only to be surprised by her police officer boyfriend, Gregory, who orchestrated the event in order to propose. Check out the dash cam footage as Sara and Gregory take the next step toward tying the knot in this officer’s proposal.

2. Movie Magic

In this unforgettable video, Matt takes over an entire movie theater by running a fake trailer that is actually a proposal to his girlfriend, Ginny. Thanks to a cleverly hidden camera, you can see Ginny’s reaction as she recognizes Matt’s voice in the trailer, sweetly titled “Making the Movies Jealous.”

1. Newsworthy

This short and sweet video features Pete, a traffic reporter for a local news station, as he interrupts the morning broadcast with this eloquent proposal for his unsuspecting girlfriend, Amy, who thought she was being featured on the show for other reasons.