Burglary prevention tips

Protecting your home from intrusion is a lot easier than home owners often think. Home security systems, 20 years ago, used to be bulky and difficult to install, and produced average video. Often times, it seemed as if home surveillance systems were more trouble than they were worth. Recently, I had the opportunity to share some tips with Brian Brinkerhoff of the Backcountry Radio Network for a series of home video security segments.

I really appreciated the opportunity to speak on the radio and share my experience in home security. It is really important to let people know that there are some very simple and basic things that they can do to keep their home safe.

There’s no need to neglect the security around your home. There are several basic things you can do to deter would-be intruders. Here are some of the ways you can create some type of reason to make a criminal think twice about going into your home.

  • Don’t advertise – Don’t leave big boxes out and around your trash, reduce it down to fit in the can if you can – especially when you get new high dollar items. Also don’t leave notes on the door for your family or the delivery guy and close your drapes to reduce what people can see in your home.
  • Social media – While it is great to share with your friends where you are or where you’re going, keep in mind that not all of your connections are your friends. Status updates make it easy for criminals to know when you’re away.
  • Proper landscaping – Consider putting shrubbery and plants under your windows or other areas to make it difficult for would-be criminals to break into your home.
  • Motion lights – Set up motion lights in your front yard to throw criminals off their game.
  • Stay alert – Look for unusual traffic on your block and be a nosy neighbor. You can also change up your routine of when you’re at, or away from, home.

You can listen online or download the audio files from the show at: http://backcountrynetwork.blogspot.com/2011/12/december-26-2011-december-30-2011.html

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