Improve Home Security with the Right Video Security Cameras

Improve Home Security with the Right Video Security Cameras

Protecting your home begins with first identifying vulnerable areas of your home that need monitoring, such as front and back doors, windows, driveways, gates, garages, and other areas of entry where a potential thief can gain access to your home. After you determine vulnerable areas, then, you can choose the most suitable style of video security camera for each location of your home. Choosing the right style of camera and features is essential for effective home security.

There are a variety of home security camera form factors available, and each type has its own benefits for home security.

Fixed Cameras

Traditional surveillance cameras, as also known as box cameras or fixed cameras, were the first, original style of security camera and have been around the longest. They are reliable and still a very popular CCTV choice. There are countless lenses available for fixed cameras, which make them suitable for a wide variety of surveillance applications.

Box security cameras have a very recognizable form factor, are very sturdy and offer a variety of features. Because this style of camera has that classic look, they can be used as a crime deterrent, clearly announcing to people that they are under surveillance.

Some fixed security cameras have day/night surveillance capabilities, capture high resolution images, and are equipped with tamper detection and motion detection capabilities. If they are to be used outside they require a weatherproof enclosure that offers protection from a variety of elements and weather conditions.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras

Dome security cameras have become increasingly popular for home security over the recent years due to their versatility and inconspicuous form factor. Many dome cameras come equipped with a 3-axis internal camera adjustment for easy installation.

Other common features include varifocal lens options for easy field of view adjustment and infrared illumination to capture images in low light conditions and at night. Dome cameras are a popular choice because they can be mounted indoors, outdoors, underneath eves, on walls—virtually anywhere.

Dome cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR) are ideal for monitoring hallways, doorways and other areas prone to diverse lighting conditions. The wide dynamic range feature enables the camera to produce clear images in extremely bright or backlit areas. Some dome cameras also feature a vandal-resistant enclosure and have an IK10 rating that makes them impact-resistant.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Like dome cameras, bullet cameras, sometimes referred to as ‘lipstick’ cameras, are available with a variety of options and come in a single housing ready for quick installation. Bullet cameras are an excellent choice when the mounting location requires a small camera, or the camera needs to be articulated at unusual angles.

Some bullet cameras are equipped with powerful varifocal lenses and built-in IR capabilities that allow the camera to see in low light and at night over longer distances. Bullet cameras often feature rugged, vandal-resistant and weather-resistant enclosures that can withstand a variety of elements and weather conditions, which make this type of camera ideal for outdoor surveillance.

Bullet cameras are ideal for monitoring the outer perimeter of your home, from the yard and driveway to entry gates, porches and the backyard. Bullet cameras are best mounted vertically on walls or poles.

Covert Security Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Hidden cameras or spy cameras come hidden inside a variety of everyday form factors. Hidden cameras are ideal for complementing a video security system equipped with ‘overt’ cameras. Covert cameras hidden inside smoke detectors, thermostats, clock radios, docking stations, wall adapters, flood lights and picture frames blend in well within a home environment, making them virtually undetectable.

This makes hidden cameras a popular choice for homeowners, because they are so well-hidden, and do not look out of place or affect the aesthetics of your home. Some hidden cameras feature a built-in DVR and are equipped with built-in IR arrays to capture video in low light environments and at night.

Hidden cameras can be placed in any area of interest in your home from bedrooms and nurseries, to kitchens, home offices and living rooms. Hidden cameras for home help keep an eye on your property, as well as caregivers, landscapers and other professionals who may be providing a service at your home.

The ideal style of security camera with the right features; along with a having a high quality video security system, is key to protecting your home. If you choose a camera type that works best for each area of your house you want to secure, you can improve overall home security.

If you have questions, or need assistance with selecting security cameras for your home fill out a home security needs analysis form and let our security experts help you find the right solution for your needs.