How HD Analog is Helping Prevent Retail Theft & Cutting Cost

According to the National Association for Shoplifting, shoplifters are responsible for stealing approximately $13 billion in goods each year from retailers. At the same time, thefts by employees also continue to rise. No retailer, whether a small business or large chain, is immune from these thefts.

While retail theft has a direct effect on the profits of retailers, the loss travels even further. Consumers eventually suffer the consequences of prices being driven higher in order to compensate for lost profits.

However, there is a way to fight back against retail theft by installing camera surveillance systems to monitor customers and employees. Often, just the presence of cameras may be enough to dissuade shoplifters or employees from committing a theft, but having video proof of a crime being committed can be an invaluable tool.

Fighting Back with Improved Technology

Strategically placed IP cameras are a popular, cost-effective choice for retailers who want to keep an eye on shoppers and employees. Security camera technology has greatly improved over the years, and instead of measuring image resolution in horizontal lines or TVL, high-definition cameras use pixels as their means of resolution.

This allows for greater clarity and detail, in addition to a wider aspect ratio that provides a larger image area than a non-HD camera. A larger image means that fewer cameras are needed to provide coverage of the area being monitored, thus reducing equipment and installation expense.

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Law enforcement relies heavily on facial and license plate recognition when investigating thefts. HD analog cameras provide greater detail than traditional analog CCTV camera. HD capability allows for 720p or 1080p resolution and the ability to zoom in on a specific area during live video or playback modes. This makes it an ideal technology for facial recognition of suspects that requires a minimum of 40 pixels per foot.

Where Can HD Cameras Be Used?

HD analog cameras are ideal for monitoring checkout areas, front doors and parking lots where facial recognition or license plate recognition is important in the event of theft or break-ins. The information obtained by these cameras will be invaluable for successful prosecution if the case goes to court.

While visible cameras may help reduce shoplifting thefts, they might not always prevent employee thefts because workers will learn to avoid areas in which they are present. HD analog technology can be used in covert cameras to monitor employee activity in areas such as stockrooms, cash registers and back doors where workers may be more apt to commit thefts.

Cameras that provide coverage outside of stores also add a level of protection for customers, employees and the business. The footage gained can be helpful for instances where accidents or crimes are committed in the location parking lot, during the day and at night.

By integrating HD analog cameras into current or new security systems, retailers are taking an important step in protecting their profits. While the mere presence of cameras may not always stop shoplifters or dishonest employees, this technology helps retailers better identify and thus apprehend those who steal or commit other crimes on the premises.

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