This blog post will dive into the benefits of thermal body temperature scanning and how it can arm you with two solutions in one: detection of, and slowing the spread of influenza and coronavirus. Two viruses = one simple solution!

Protecting Businesses Against a Double Threat

As we enter the flu season, business owners will need to take every precaution necessary against a double threat: influenza and the coronavirus from entering their facility.

Although the CDC suggests conducting daily health checks of employees, mandating face masks for anyone entering their facility, and enforcing social distancing, it may not be enough as we enter the winter months – and flu season that comes along with it.

For example, restaurants allow for patrons to remove their masks once seated while they eat or drink, which can put nearby staff members at risk, and healthcare facilities struggle with ensuring social distance practices are met in overcrowded areas like the ER and waiting rooms.

Employers can improve security measures – essentially fighting off two birds with one stone by deploying a thermal body temperature unit, which offers quick and accurate detection of high body temperatures.

Thermal Screening For the First Line of Defense Against Coronavirus Exposure

While a thermal body temperature unit won’t detect influenza or coronavirus directly, it will detect a high body temperature – a symptom both viruses have in common.

Thermal screening solutions provide an accurate non-contact approach to temperature detection at 0.2 seconds results and up to 30 people per minute.

Achieving accurate temperature detection and facial recognition makes it the ideal solution for minimizing exposure and reducing the spread of coronavirus and other contagious diseases to customers, employees, and visitors.

Supercircuits offers several thermal solutions, offering:

  • Non-contact, rapid thermal detection at 0.2 seconds
  • Includes a built-in infrared thermoelectric sensor and temperature measuring module for accurate measurement
  • 2 MP low illumination wide-angle camera with F1.6 large aperture lens captures clear images in diverse lighting environments
  • Ideally suited for airports, retail, schools, grocery stores, and nursing homes

By placing your thermal unit at every main entrance, it can quickly screen with or without a mask.

If an individual tries passing through not wearing a mask or have a higher than normal temperature, you’ll be alerted on the spot.

This allows you to protect your workplace from a potential, contagious virus while you pull them aside for further evaluation or until they’ve put on a mask and are cleared for entry.

Learn More About Our Thermal Solutions

Supercirucits offers several thermal solutions to choose from, all of which offer ultra-fast recognition and an advanced algorithm for accurate temperature detection. Let the technology do the work for you – and reduce staff resources you’d have to otherwise execute for the same results.

From doctor’s offices to grocery stores and schools, our solutions safeguard your workplace and provide the first line of defense against contagious viruses.

To learn more, contact a dedicated thermal detection specialist at (877) 697-5632.