Dallas Police Department Bait Car

The Dallas Police Department’s Property Crimes Division needed help with their mission to prevent and reduce motor vehicle burglaries.

One of the challenges that the Dallas Police Department faced with apprehending and prosecuting criminals, stemmed from Texas law, which requires law enforcement officers to catch criminals in the act in order to prosecute.

To reduce motor vehicle burglaries, the Dallas Police Department implemented Supercircuits’ Covert vehicle surveillance systems for creating a bait car into their decoy vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with surveillance equipment and tracking devices hidden inside strategically-placed objects and placed in high crime areas to entice criminals. After a thief steals the object with the tracking device hidden inside, the DPD is able to track them after they flee the scene.

Video of the motor vehicle burglaries has not only helped the DPD reduce the car burglary crime rate; it has also benefitted the insurance industry as well. Insurance companies like NICB have been buying equipment for the Dallas Police Department asking them to commit to deploying the decoy vehicle equipment, including the objects equipped with tracking devices and reporting back their results.

To see how Supercircuits’ covert vehicle surveillance systems for creating bait cars have helped the Dallas Police Department achieve their mission to reduce motor vehicle burglaries, click on the NICB video link below:

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