This blog post will address the most significant challenges hotel owners face and how a cloud-based solution can provide scalability for future growth, simplify their operational upkeep, and provide a cost-effective solution for the future.

Cloud-Based Surveillance Enhances Hotel Security

Globally, hotels generate over $550 billion each year and are among the biggest targets for identity theft and fraud.  


To ensure compliance regulations are met and mitigate liability risk, hotel owners require a security system to capture and prove fault against multiple security threats to their business.

These can include:

  • Break-ins, theft, and vandalism
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Employee injuries
  • Employee actions or behavior for ensuring compliance with PCI requirements

A cloud-based solution offers 24/7 remote monitoring, allowing account users to log in from a centralized interface from anywhere they have internet access.

With a cloud surveillance solution, owners can customize their viewing experience by zone, date, time, or daypart.

View live or recorded video of high-risk areas (such as the front desk/check-in, manager’s office, lobby, or entrance/exits) of any location, on-demand.

With one log-in and account, hotel owners can add an unlimited number of locations and cameras to their network, as well as an unlimited number of users with customized permissions.  

Like many other industries that operate at a high turnover rate, Cloud allows the owner to add or disable user permissions within minutes.  

Unlike a traditional system that stores footage on-site, Cloud offers an off-site cloud-based solution.

Whether local compliance laws require you to store your footage for up to 90 days, or you need to ensure footage of a recent theft occurrence is secure until you can send it to authorities, cloud stores video evidence in an off-site, tier-4 data center.

Because it offers triple redundancy and consequently avoids a single point of failure that typically occurs with an on-premise system, you can ensure your hotel’s footage remains protected and avoids interrupted service or data loss.

Cloud-Based Surveillance Provides Scalability as a Business Grows  

An essential ‘must-have’ for hotel owners is a security system’s ability to adapt to future growth.

Cloud allows owners to add additional cameras in critical areas, disable cameras and users, and add new locations to their network within minutes.

Compared to a traditional on-premise system that would require installing on-site hardware and servers, cloud surveillance can scale your network a fraction of the time or up-front costs – all wrapped up into one subscription.

Cloud-Based Surveillance Cuts IT Costs

A traditional security system requires a recorder for each hotel, an IT team to perform upgrades and maintenance, and in the event of faulty hardware or stolen footage during a break-in, hardware replacement.

As a hotel chain grows, these demands become more complicated. The more hotel locations they have,  the more equipment and maintenance they must manage. By comparison, a cloud solution only requires a monthly subscription.

Cloud is sold as a service, with all updates and maintenance handled automatically. It eliminates the need for any on-premise hardware or equipment and the vulnerability of break-ins, theft, and lost or stolen footage.

This cloud-based streamlined approach dramatically reduces both up-front and long-term costs. – making it an ideal solution for hoteliers everywhere.

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