As more business prepare to re-open, business owners are examining new safety measures that can be put in place by ensuring their workplace remains free of coronavirus exposure as well as to protect the well-being of their employees, customers, and guests.

This blog post examines those ‘must-have’ functionalities of a thermal screening device as it relates to mask detection, accuracy, and rapid detection to achieve a healthier and safer workplace.

Mask Detection from Coronavirus Exposure   


Thermal body temperature detection solutions can provide accurate, reliable body temperature screening. Day-to-day operational challenges such as crowd control, high-volume temperature screening, and quick detection at high-traffic entry points become increasingly challenging to manage. As mask requirements become more rigid throughout the country, thermal body temperature devices can provide the first line of defense against contagious diseases, like coronavirus, from entering your workplace.

Thermal Body Temperature Screening Benefits for Business of All Sizes

Thermal detection can be placed at the entry points of your business, allowing an instant, non-contact method to detect human body temperature. To achieve the right kind of support to protect the spread of coronavirus into your facility and offer peace of mind to employees and customers when coming to your business, key benefits should include:

  • Face Mask Detection
  • Zero contact screening
  • Rapid facial recognition for single or multiple person screening
  • Instant temperature reading

With an accuracy of over 99 percent, thermal detection solutions can recognize and register individuals as they enter your facility. If someone has abnormally high body temperature or is not wearing a mask, an alarm will sound to alert you of a possible health threat to your business.

Mask Detection Screening for a More Secure Business

As coronavirus cases continue to rise and local government officials tighten up on city mandates, which in some areas of the country include the requirement of each individual to wear a mask any time they’re outside of their home, accurate and reliable screening for thermal body temperatures – especially when a mask is worn – is vital for business owners. From both public safety and workplace security standpoints, thermal temperature screening that offers mask detection screening and alert notification is essential.  

Alibi Security offers several thermal detection solutions, ideal for industries and businesses in multiple verticals. Our compact wrist-detection, single-person unit ideally suits small to medium-size businesses of all sectors, including:

  • Hospitals/nursing homes
  • Airports
  • Daycare centers
  • Law offices
  • Retail stores
  • Construction sites
  • Medical offices (urgent care, radiology centers, birthing centers, general practice)
  • Schools/Universities

Our thermal detection units are designed for rapid mask detection screening, accurate temperature reading with visual and audio alarm notifications, and a compact design to fit into any working environment.

Accurate mask detection screening – our mask detection and facial recognition technology allows for instant body temperature screening with 99 percent accuracy even when masks are worn.

Rapid detection – our no-contact, touchless thermal units screens up to 10-15 people per minute, at 0.2 seconds per individual, allowing for an efficient way to monitor and mitigate high traffic screening in large scale, commercial facilities like hospitals and schools.  

No-contact design – features a touch-free wrist temperature sensor, connected to a 7” monitor and a high-definition camera. Audio and video alerts are immediately triggered to alert the employer of elevated temperature or absence of a mask.

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