As the technology becomes more affordable, businesses with fleets and citizens with POV’s (Privately Owned Vehicles) are rapidly adopting mobile video for the protection that it affords. Here are the top reasons they’ve made the investment:

Civil Liability Protection

Mobile video can disprove false allegations stemming from vehicular accidents, that could otherwise lead to a damaging lawsuit and cause serious harm to both personal and professional reputation.

  • Were you really following too closely, or did they purposefully slam on their brakes to cause an accident?
  • Were you speeding as accused, or was this a simple false perception?
  • Did you have your headlights or turn signal lights on, or was this a false allegation?
  • Were you operating the vehicle in the proper lane?

Traffic Law Protection

In the event that you are improperly cited for a traffic violation, a mobile video system can set the record straight.

  • Did you really run the red light or stop sign?
  • Were you really speeding as claimed or was it the adjacent vehicle?
  • Were you texting or using a cell phone before the accident?
  • Did you properly yield to the right of way?

Management and Parenting

Whether loaning your vehicle to a child, friend or trusted employee, a mobile vehicle system can benefit you in several ways:

  • Time – Date & time stamps and GPS overlay technology allows management to clearly track events and determine whether the vehicle occupants were in the proper place at the proper time.
  • Protocols – Mobile video provides an effective management tool to enforce equipment handling and delivery protocols to ensure safety, security and positive customer service.
  • Illegal Activities – Out of sight and out of mind of others, employees find a safe haven in vehicles to skim merchandise, short customers and promote drug use, weapons, or prostitution. Mobile video can prevent these activities.

Physical Protection

As mentioned above, cameras within view tend to promote good behavior. A vehicle equipped with a mobile video system cam be a powerful deterrent of a carjacking and cargo theft, and can even transmit live video, panic signals and audio over cellular data bands for real-time monitoring.

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