A Safe and Rocking SXSW

The South by Southwest (SXSW) film, interactive, and music festival held in Austin, Texas is one of America’s largest gatherings; bringing thousands of participants and attendees to the streets and venues of Austin.

With thousands of people entering and exiting the city during SXSW, security in public venues and on the streets is top priority. Providing adequate security can be a daunting task, but with the help of today’s most cutting-edge technology, ensuring public safety is much easier. 

Network IP Cameras

Network IP camera systems are ideal for conducting high-quality video surveillance of large areas such as parking lots, street corners, or crowded venues. Network IP dome cameras are potentially the best option for acquiring high-megapixel image resolution for both outdoor and indoor use.

Aside from working as a deterrent for potential troublemakers, IP dome cameras provide business owners with video-based evidence, and a complete record of any incidents that have occurred. 

For places such as restaurants, bars, or music venues, a high-resolution megapixel IP bullet camera is good choice for recording high-definition images, providing facial recognition, or capturing images of license plates. 

Regardless of the model, all network IP cameras can be viewed from any device connected to the Internet, including mobile phones, PCs or tablets.

For massive gatherings like the SXSW, keeping a constant eye on your business or venue is a much easier task with IP cameras. Not only do the cameras enhance public security and safety, they provide employees and volunteers with peace-of-mind, knowing they are also protected by state-of-the-art surveillance.

Security DVR Video Recording

Keeping a reliable record of all surveillance can prove extremely useful to business or venue owners during the SXSW film, interactive, and music festival.

Multi-channel DVRs or NVRs make it possible to review recorded video footage from any point in time, at virtually any location. If an incident like theft or vandalism occurs, the video evidence will be extremely useful to help law enforcement locate suspects and hold them accountable for their actions.

Also, investing in a DVR recording device keeps your business or venue protected during the late-night hours, if a break-in occurs. Motion detectors on the cameras can determine when to record footage, saving you time and hard drive storage space.

Throughout the SXSW music festival, hundreds of bands will be playing in a variety of venues at one time, and the crowds will congregate to a performance before rushing to catch another. 

Having access to DVR video recordings during large gatherings facilitates pinpointing exactly when and where an incident occurred, making the job of security personnel that much less daunting.

Biometrics and New Trends

Biometric technology such as facial recognition software has been around for years, since the 1960s. Just recently, it’s garnered attention as an indispensable tool for law enforcement and security personnel to identify potential threats because the technology has improved. 

Today, many law enforcement officers can utilize facial recognition software via a smartphone or compact mobile device, making it possible to scan an entire crowd of faces against a database of individuals on a watch list.

This technology will likely prove extremely useful in years to come to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors to large festivals like SXSW. Typically, a 2-D image of a face is all that’s needed to determine someone’s identity. 

How You Can Protect Your Business

If you’d like to prepare your business or venue for the upcoming SXSW music festival, investing in measures like those mentioned above will certainly improve safety, protect your property and assist in improving overall security.

To receive expert advice and have today’s best security technology installed at your restaurant or venue, contact Supercircuits today with any questions you may have.