For months, the world has waited for an approved vaccine to strike. But, now that’s we’re here, and millions of vaccine doses have already been administered to Americans alone – the rise in coronavirus cases worldwide has limited its availability and slowed the rollout.

Combined with new and more contagious strains of the virus, it’s never been more important for business owners of every industry to tighten up on their security and implement additional safety measures for the future.

What is a Thermal Body Temperature Scanner?

Thermal body temperature detection solutions help you set up the first line of defense.


Built with AI technology, they allow you to screen people coming into the facility for possible abnormal temperatures using a contactless thermal sensor.

When abnormal temps are detected indicating a fever, you can refuse access or take them to another area for further evaluation.

5 Body Scanner Benefits to Keep Businesses Healthy and Safe for the Future

Supercircuits offers thermal body temperature scanners as a tool for business owners to detect contagious viruses before they have a chance to enter your business, and infect your workplace.

When an individual has an elevated temperature or isn’t wearing a mask, the unit provides visual and audio alerts, allowing the faculty to take the appropriate actions that prevent others from becoming exposed.

  • Touch-Free – with a high-resolution monitor, advanced AI-powered face detection, and a touchless screen putting staff and students at ease
  • Rapid screening –wrist temperature detection in 0.2 seconds per individual, 20-30 people per minute  
  • Accurate detection – with over 90% accuracy with a mask, 99% accuracy without a mask
  • Customizable database – to create a pre-approved database of people allowed to enter school campus, with the capability to open/unlock a door based on those permissions
  • Liability and expense mitigation – takes the burden off of staff members that would otherwise have to manually take students’ temperatures and risk exposure to the virus, as well as remove any risk of liability for the school.

With temperature and mask detection units in place, business owners have the means to provide rapid, accurate daily screening, mitigate expenses and liability lawsuits, and ensure they have the first line of defense against the spread of COVID-19.

We provide several thermal detection solutions, ideal for businesses of all sizes. Learn how to protect your customers, staff, and business by calling us at 877-972-2522 today or by clicking here.