From hospitals to urgent care clinics, the healthcare industry is booming – but security challenges that include ensuring HIPAA compliance is met and protecting their assets in a multi-location business can be tricky to navigate. Learn five reasons why cloud surveillance provides healthcare organizations with a secure, surveillance solution — offering cost-effective benefits that can’t always be met by a traditional system.  

Secure, Off-Premise Storage 

Many healthcare organizations like hospitals and urgent care clinics supply narcotics and other pharmaceuticals on-site for their patient’s care and treatment.

Owners must meet compliance by storing video evidence in a contained, restricted access area and provide documentation from the time it arrives to the time it leaves their clinic.


During a theft occurrence, an on-premise system isn’t always equipped to safeguard their video footage from being stolen– especially if the crime is committed by an employee who had access to the restricted area where the narcotics and recorder are kept.

Without the video evidence to prove fault, they can be at risk for compliance violations, lengthy investigations, and lawyer fees.

Cloud VS removes the need for any on-premise hardware or risk of stolen footage by storing everything in the cloud.

When a theft occurs, instant alerts notify the owner in real-time, allowing them to view and download their footage by event, time, and location from their smartphone and send it to authorities within minutes.

Their video footage is immediately streamed and stored in an off-site, tier-4 data center for as long as they need it – eliminating any risk of stolen or lost footage, so their business is always protected.

Cost-Effective Multi-Site Management 

An on-premise solution requires a recorder at each location of a multi-site business, along with an IT team to perform maintenance and updates.

Security challenges arise when a damaged recorder needs to be replaced due to vandalism or a break-in (resulting in lost time and footage), or hard drive failure. 

Ensuring your multi-site on-premise system meets security demands often requires more time, effort, and resources than the owner have allocated.

As a business grows, managing a traditional security system becomes an even more complex and expensive undertaking.  

Cloud video security eliminates the need for any on-site recorders or hardware by moving everything to the cloud – including all maintenance, upgrades, and health monitoring.

Monitor your multi-site business from anywhere you have internet access with highly intuitive and responsive desktop and mobile applications.

Add an unlimited number of locations and cameras at any time. View live and recorded video, schedule recordings, download, and export video evidence within seconds.

Centralized Interface + Remote Monitoring = Ensures Staff Compliance 

The healthcare industry in any capacity faces a high-traffic environment. Due to the overcrowded walk-in, retail-facing nature of urgent care clinics, protecting patient data can be challenging – especially if employees are careless, rushed, or understaffed.

Just one employee error that violates HIPAA compliance can result in patient accusations, potential lawsuits, and hefty HIPAA violation penalties. 

Cloud VS allows business owners to view patient and employee activity remotely from a centralized interface. 

They can add and remove sites, arrange their dashboard view by regional, city, or facility area (i.e., manager’s office, pharmaceutical office, waiting room), and easily watch over their entire business to ensure administrative and operational protocol are followed.

With Cloud video security, business owners can rely on cloud-based monitoring and secure data storage to ensure staff members remain HIPAA compliant. 

Multi-User Management 

Another challenge the healthcare industry faces is high turnover and frequent staff changes.

Granting individual shift manager’s access (or disabling them from your system) can become tedious and time consuming with an on-premise recorder – requiring a manual adjustment of each user’s permissions by logging into each separate location. 

Cloud video security allows you to save time and energy by quickly adding, disabling, and granting special permissions to an unlimited number of users within minutes – all done remotely from a centralized interface. 

Because everything is handled in the cloud, users can then login and access any location or camera you grant them permissions to, click on the footage by time and or event, and seamlessly watch or download the video footage.  

Scalable Features to Support Your Businesses’ Growth 

Business owners in the healthcare space require a surveillance system that can offer flexibility as their liability, compliance, and security needs change. Cloud video security provides a truly scalable solution that makes it simple to secure your expanding business by increasing or decreasing your storage, users, cameras, or permissions within minutes. 

Want additional cameras added to a crowded waiting room or supply closet, or do you need to grant three new managers access to your network? It’s as simple as the click of a mouse.

About Supercircuits Cloud Security Solutions  

Cloud video security is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business.

Ideal for single and multi-site healthcare businesses, Supercircuits offers cloud surveillance solutions that feature 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for an entirely scalable and streamlined solution.

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