Between expensive and heavy equipment to vandalism and accidents, construction sites require a reliable, off-premise video security system. This blog post will cover three main benefits to construction site owners and managers, especially as it applies for multi-site, multi-user use.  

Benefit #1: Protection Against Liability Lawsuits


On-the-jobs accidents can be a frequent occurrence at construction sites, costing an employer hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation fees, and lost time.

Video surveillance cameras can allow selected individuals to remotely view high-resolution videos of activity on the construction site, enabling viewers to monitor events (such as an injury) as well as identify/address potential problems before they occur. 

Stored in the Cloud, they can control how long they want to access their footage so that when they need to retrieve video surveillance, they can get it. 

This is particularly important when an incident occurs on-site, or their business is audited, and compliance guidelines require them to have immediate access within a specific period of time.

Benefit #2: Monitor Employees for Increased Efficiency

An off-site cloud solution provides construction managers with the peace of mind of uninterrupted, continuous 24/7 recording. Cloud video security can present construction works with remote access to multi-site video footage at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re managing one site or 25, you can access all video surveillance from a single interface for easy viewing and playback.

By relying on uninterrupted, 24/7 recording, you can easily manage employee behavior, prove innocence or fault for on-the-job accidents, and make improvements for a more profitable business in the future.

Benefit #3: Streamlined Multi-Site, Multi-User Management

A multi-site construction company may have dozens of supervisors that require authorization to log in and supervise their location remotely.  This is very hard to do with an on-premise system, especially if there are certain times of the day or night all managers are trying to log in.  

All those requests require bandwidth to be pulled one hundred times from that your site, which your system may not be able to support. While a traditional system requires you to add a recorder in every location, Cloud video surveillance stores and secures your data evidence off-site, providing unlimited users and con-current streaming from a centralized location.

Because each user is streaming video from the Cloud, you can rely on unlimited viewing sessions at any given time.

The robust, T4 data center handles bandwidth seamlessly, and because the video is pulled from the Cloud, you eliminate typical bandwidth problems that are present with traditional, on-premise systems.

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