Choosing the right Video Security DVR for your application needs can be difficult, given the growing number of products and vendors available these days.

As with all purchases, I highly recommend that you carefully select a vendor with knowledgeable, experienced sales reps, with a wide selection of products, and who offers a dedicated technical support team to assist you with both set-up and to troubleshoot if something should go wrong.

But optimizing your security DVR should not stop there. Here are 10 tips to ensure that you get the most out of the DVR you purchase:

1. Choose the right recording equipment

Getting the best results begins with selecting important features, such as number of cameras to be recorded, storage capacity, Internet monitoring, USB export, DVD Burning, motion detection, recording speed, and resolution.

2. Set the right frame rate

This will maximize your potential recording time.

Recording modes

3. Keep your DVR recording with the overwrite feature

Ensure that you have continual archive of video footage.

4. Turn your Security DVR into a full time security guard

Use alarm inputs, trigger outputs, and motion detection to alert you should something occur.

5. Don’t let conversations go unheard

Most DVRs have audio recording capabilities, allowing you to add a high quality mic or leverage the microphones built into your cameras to capture a second dimension of the crime.

6. Make your Security DVR tamper proof

Use password protection, conceal the DVR and/or use a Security DVR lock box to prevent unauthorized access. View DVR enclosures.

Mobile app

7. Protect your investment from surges & failures

Prevent recording interruptions from intentional and unintentional power outages with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). View power supplies.

8. Access & manage your DVR virtually anywhere

Take advantage of this powerful feature. We recommend a high speed internet connection for the best remote monitoring experience.

9. Be prepared to offload your video (and audio)

Caught on tape, now what? Keep DVDs and CDs available for quick archiving and sharing of evidence with law enforcement.

10. Don’t miss the important details

Select a monitor with sufficient resolution to provide the picture quality you desire. View monitors.

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