The Client

High Park Schools integrates college preparatory academics with a Christian perspective. Founded in 1968, they quickly began to grow and now occupy two separate campuses in Austin, Texas.

Although their security system adequately protected the high school campus when it opened in 2009, it’s since become outdated and can no longer meet campus security challenges. 

The Challenge

Hyde Park administration knew they needed to upgrade their existing cameras for a more robust, scalable system.

To meet the campus’ new security initiatives, they had to solve three main operational challenges:   

  1. Old and outdated cameras. Verifying a student’s identity was almost impossible due to its low 360-pixel resolution.  Its low resolution didn’t have enough clarity to correctly identify students and/or trespassers caught on camera.  
  2. A semi-protected campus. Several areas of campus weren’t protected with coverage at all, including the back of the building and the field house—which resulted in multiple episodes of late-night vandalism and illegal dumping.
  3. Delayed access. Users had remote access to surveillance, but only through a VPN which created a slow, overall connection to their security system.  They required faster connectivity, allowing users the ability to log in from anywhere, at any time.

The Solution

After considering several on-premise options, they chose a hybrid system of Supercircuits HD cameras and Cloud video security cameras due to its unique cloud features and total cost of ownership.

Thirty-one 5 MP HDTV1 Turret Starlight cameras, two 6 MP IP Turret Starlight cameras, and 9 cloud-enabled cameras were added to their campus – all ideally suited to provide the school with facial recognition, intrusion detection, and clear video.  

The Outcome

Hyde Park’s ultimate goal was to create as safe a school campus as possible.

With a fully covered campus in place, they now have the means to record trespasser and student activity with crystal clear resolution.

Users get notified of activity in real-time, and within minutes, they can download the footage from their app and send it to authorities. With modernized, hybrid video surveillance designed to mitigate their toughest campus security challenges, Hyde Park High School can soar ahead as a ‘one of a kind community with confidence.